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Spring Coaching

Spring Coaching Holistic wellness coaching

Spring Coaching - Holistic wellness coaching


Has the current environment left you feeling flat, unmotivated, and blah? Perhaps your usual exercise or eating habits have been left in disarray following lockdown and now there is the uncertainty of our new normal as we leave our homes. The colder weather and darker nights only make things harder.

At Spring Coaching we work with busy people who want to be happier and healthier but are finding it a struggle. We work with them to understand their goal and then develop a plan of small sustainable steps to take them towards their goal. We have a holistic view of wellness covering movement, nutrition and mindset as the three are interconnected. You are how you move, eat and think. With small sustainable steps we take a progress over perfection that lead to lasting results.


Spring Coaching is offering:

  • One-month holistic wellness coaching tailored to your goals and needs. Take the first step by signing up for a complimentary coaching consultation here -  https://www.spring-coaching.com/bookings-checkout/introductory-coaching-consult/book

Professional Services:

Complimentary one-month contract, holistic wellness coaching:

  • initial face-to-face coaching session to discuss your needs and goal, review your current wellbeing across movement, nutrition and mindset, and agree a plan towards achieving your goal
  • weekly online check-in to monitor your progress and refine plan if required
  • review wellbeing across the initial measures and celebrate the healthy behavioural changes taking you towards your goal.

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