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Even the smallest kindness of donated time, goods, services or money will help


Please donate or discount any products and services that would make an exhausted kaimahi / community worker in our Wellington pilot area feel the love. It could be free coffee, house cleaning or maintenance, a meal out, a haircut, beauty treatments, a massage, discounted clothing, discounted goods, or even a weekend break. We need to make the transaction super easy for them. Help the workers who are helping our whānau in these post-Covid times.

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Please volunteer a few hours of your time to help a kaimahi / community worker for Kahungunu Whanau Services, the Wellington-based group for our pilot.

Are you qualified at mentoring or counselling? Can you provide legal advice? Can you teach a life skill? Can you provide a few hours of expert accounting, admin or IT support? Or gardening? Or cooking a meal?

Whatever you can do, register your skill here and we’ll match you with someone who will really appreciate your help. We must be able to check out your credentials to keep everyone safe.

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We desperately need funds so that we can provide this service nationally, based on our pilot to match Wellington based Kahungunu Whānau Services workers with goods and services to thank them. We need to build our website, hire staff to take over from volunteers, source business and private donors, and go national on a sustainable basis. Anything is welcome. None of this comes for free.

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