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Dress for Success


Women from all walks of life, have reported that they are feeling less confident since the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. We understand sometimes confidence is enhanced through how we present ourselves, which is why a personalised dressing with a stylist helps to boost confidence. Dress for Success Wellington offers dressings for a range of purposes that can often be daunting, including job interviews, house viewings, court appearances, graduation, parents of graduates and official events. In addition, a mix and match wardrobe is offered to women embarking on new journeys and getting afresh start, from securing employment or a rental home to leaving prison etc. Our stylists not only help you to feel confident on the outside, but we also listen, empower and offer guidance to all women who want a dressing. For us, 25%is about the clothes the women get to keep, the other 75% is about the confidence and empowerment that comes with it.

Additionally, Dress for Success Wellington supports women to prepare for searching for employment, nailing the interviews, and post-employment support. This may include maintaining the job, making a great impression, career goal setting and advice on how to move up the career ladder. Including advice around maximising KiwiSaver and other investment opportunities. We offer such services in a variety of online videos, conferences, virtual and in person one-on-one sessions and workshops.


Dress for Success Wellington is offering:

·        One free dressing for any Kaimahi needing a confidence boost, encouragement or just a moment of being uplifted

Apply:  To take advantage of this offer email reception@wellingtondressforsuccess.org and request a dressing form. Complete the form, return to the same email address and somebody will bein touch with you to book your personalised styling session at Dress for Success Wellington.  You can select to receive this offer in Wellington city, Lower Hutt or Masterton.

Check out: www.wellington.dressforsuccess.org

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